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Adam Jones goes to rehab

Last night, amid the MLB playoffs was more Adam Jones news. The “Pac Man” apparently is no longer eating up the football for the Dallas Cowboys after being indefinitely suspended Tuesday by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, but he is eating up plenty of airtime.

Jones at a Dallas Cowboys Practice

Jones at a Dallas Cowboys Practice

NFL live has spent several nights discussing his drunken brawl with the security guard that was hired to protect him, and now more unfolds in the Jones saga — Rehab. The league has required Jones to enlist in alcohol treatment at an undisclosed location.
Jones confidant Deion Sanders, former Cowboys cornerback, is helping Jones try in the process of being reinstated, a process Jones knows well after being exiled from the Tennessee Titans and being reinstated just before the 2008 football season with strict stipulation from Goodell. Jones will be able to apply for reinstatement after missing four games.


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