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Culpepper back in NFL picture

Dante Culpepper signed a two-year deal with the lowly Detroit Lions only months after proclaiming his retirement.

Culpepper said he was retiring in September after only being offered one-year deals, but thought better of his decision while watching the many faltering quarterbacks across the NFL. Not too many teams quarterback play was worse than the Lions team that just provided Culpepper a new home. Detroit currently ranks 22nd in the league in passing (191.6), and 28th (16.3).

As comical as the statement sounds, the Lions posed as a formidable offense in the early stages of 2007 season — no matter how brief it was — while going 3-1 in their first four games.  John Kitna, who is currently on injured reserve with a back injury for the Lions, was in his second year with the team at that point, and playing as well as anyone can play while sporting a Detroit jersey on Sunday.

Dan Orlovsky (I know what you’re thinking, who?) currently graces the top of the Lions’ depth chart at quarterback. To Orlovsky’s credit, he’s been sacked 10 times in six games and still shows up every week. But that’s about all he’s done.

Given their current quarterback situation, the Lions could definitely use Culpepper under center. While he has a surgically repaired knee, and isn’t exactly the Culpepper of old as indicated in lackluster stops at Oakland and Miami proceeding his retirement, he’s better than Kitna or Orlovsky on one leg.


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