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Raiders show why NFL need guaranteed contracts

lg_davis_all-01A mad maestro like Raiders Owner Al Davis can do whatever he wants in the National Football League, and the right to release players at any moment is exactly why.

The Raiders recent fiasco illustrates why players need to have guaranteed contracts. Davis decided he needed to free up some cap space and started cutting players. He examined on-field performances based on his own warped expectations and fired cornerback Dante Hall, one of few prizes on Oakland’s horrible 2-6 team.

There are obvious reasons why the old man released the young star, all $72 million of those reasons caused Hall’s demise. He was released Wednesday and was paid $8 million to play in eight games.

To make matters worse, the Raiders gave up a second round draft pick for Hall, who was improving on the field. Several other players, including wide receiver Javon Walker who signed a hefty $11 million signing bonus from the Raiders and was paid a $1 million base salary.

This would never happen in the NBA, or any other league. Then again, no owner would be as dysfunctional as Davis in any other league.

The fact that he’s a long-time fixture who was once sane is the only reason his antics are allowed. He already staged a classless war with former Raiders coach Lane Kiffin, who is still seeking payment from the team after Davis said he was firing Kiffin with cause in order to keep from paying him. This simply adds to injury, the Raiders’ players and fans injury.

Players were baffled by the decision.

“I’ve never been in a situation where you cut one of the best players,” said safety Gibril Wilson. “That’s strange to me. It’s almost like we’re throwing in the towel.”

Davis’ dumb moves proved that he needs to hand it up, and that NFL owners have far too much leverage on players.


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