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Stint with the Knicks ruins Chicago icon’s reputation

Isiah Thomas’ meteoric rise to stardom with the Detroit Pistons from the slums of the west side of Chicago is a tale that is close to me, a Chicago kid, who grew up idolizing the pint-sized point guard.

At a generous six-foot billing, Thomas was a model of transit from Chicago’s cracked sidewalks to the hallowed halls of Auborn Hills, where he held court on many a night.

In a game of giants, he stood alone as the small, feisty leader of a physical team that played with the same fighting attitude that allowed Thomas to brave the streets of Chicago and the rabbit-hunting Bobby Knight.

In order to beat the bigger man in a game where size is a commodity, you must be cunning, swift and smart, all of which Thomas exemplified, no doubt. But after his career ended he managed to outsmart himself on multiple occasions, making moves that killed the CBA, and further drowned an already sinking New York Knicks team.

A host of hellacious decisions have marred Thomas’ career off the basketball court. The latest incident came in Thomas’ recent overdose on sleeping pills. He reportedly was found passed out after an accidental overdose caused calls to go out to Police from his suburban New York home. Thomas took as many as 10 pills, and told The New York Post that his daughter, Lauren, was who the call was for.

Hopefully the last claims is not true. There is never pride in throwing someone under the bus, but your own daughter? There is nothing lower.

All these issues drudge up previous accusations and problems of the more serious matter that Thomas has faced; the sexual harassment case with former Knicks executive Anucha Browne Sanders and gambling troubles from his playing days.

Thomas’ was the tale of a meteoric rise, hopefully the recent lumps he’s taken will not result in a fiery fall.


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