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Romo debating Sunday start

Tony Romo’s broken pinkie finger has been all the rage.

Brett Farve has made phone calls to the ailing quarterback, hell, David Letterman even brought up Romo’s status on the Late Show. Farve may have talked Romo into it. The iron man with a consecutive-games-started streak of 259 games has no doubt seen his share of injuries, and played through them all.

Romo informed coaches on Wednesday that he is ready to play Sunday against the St. Louis Rams, according to ESPN.com’s Matt Mosley. Jerry Jones followed up with radio comments saying that Romo could very well play on Sunday.

Although much has been made of this injury, football is a brutal game and injuries are inevitable. There is a 100 percent chance of injury in a football career, so Romo will not be the only player nursing an injury on Sunday. With that said, the injury incurred in the first play in overtime against the Cardinals is somewhat serious for a quarterback.

I’m a nerd so I’ve actually thrown a ball and payed attention to the use of my pinkie, and the finger serves as a guiding tool for the ball. So this may affect Romo’s play more than expected if he suits up on Sunday. If he will play is yet to be seen.


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