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Player’s Association says owners conspired against Bond’s

The Player’s Association has determined that Barry Bonds’ season-long search for a team was in vain.The association said it found evidence that a team-wide ban was orchestrated amongst MLB owners to keep Bond’s off the field in the 2008 season.

Michael Weiner, union general counsel, said they have evidence that the MLB owners banded together to leave Bonds on the sidelines.

We have the agreement about the timing of a potential grievance,” Weiner said Thursday. “Our investigation revealed a violation of the Basic Agreement. It’s a violation of the Basic Agreement related to Barry Bonds and free agency.

The fraternizing to keep Bonds out of the game violated Article XX (e) of the collective bargaining agreement. Here’s the article said to be violated:

Players shall not act in concert with other players and clubs shall not act in concert with other clubs. Weiner would not say how long the agreement runs to allow the union to file a grievance.

Management didn’t offer any comment on the matter.

Many team’s were in need of Bond’s hitting ability, but his cancerous spirit clearly wasn’t welcome in the locker room. Bonds’ pending legal battles may also be at fault. He was indicted on Nov.15, which stemmed from his 2003 grand jury testimony where he denied ever using anabolic steroids.

Bonds was in court for a second time on March 2, where he pleaded not guilty to 14 counts of false declaration to a federal grand jury. The case is currently pending.


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