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Black coaches in college football far and wide

large_tyroneThe newly implemented President-elect Barack Obama, was used to unveil a study on ESPN.com, stating a well known fact — that black coaches in college football are scarce.

The study states that the number of African-American football coaches is at its lowest in 15 years.

The numbers are striking: Only four black coaches pace the sidelines of football fields after the recent firings of Ty Willingham at Washington and Ron Prince at Kansas State, whose firing was because of unreal expectations. Prince was 16-18 at Kansas State within a Big 12 conference that features teams like Texas, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State that field far more talented teams the one that hit the field in Manhattan.

Ty Willingham has also had the plug pulled on his coaching in two programs when he probably shouldn’t have. At no point was that more evident than when he was first from Notre Dame.

But neither of them were fired because of race, but because of the revolving door that coaching college football has become.

What their firing did affect concerning race was the already small number of black coaches at the helm for the 119 Football Bowl Subdivision teams, which was dropped to only four. That’s less only 3 percent, while minority athlete’s hit the field at an alarming amount in comparison at 55 percent.

What’s behind this disparity is a mystery, because so many minorities pay on Saturdays, and if asked many of them would say they want to coach at some point. And there are also many formidable coaches, far more than four.


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