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Orton injury may signal Bears down spiral

340x_featureOK, so the Chicago Tribune has reported that Kyle Orton has no tear, but will be out for three to four weeks, leaving the revolving quarterback door open for, you guessed it, Rex Grossman.

I thought I had escaped the far reaches of agony that Grossman inflicted on fans, and his own team, in the 2006 Super Bowl XLI against the Colts while fumbling away the championship under a downpour in the Orange Bowl. All the while, Lovie Smith continued to utter those dreaded four words: “Rex is our quarterback.”

I can’t recall how many times I’ve seen Lovie have to defend the decision to play the bum that is “Rexy.” Now, the default quarterback may ruin what has been a somewhat mediocre team, but a team that happens to have an NFC North at 5-3.

Shades of the old Rex were on display Sunday as he went 9-19 and threw for 58 yards and a touchdown. What was more telling than the touchdown, were the many tipped balls and ultimate interception Grossman threw. He’ll now face the NFL’s best defense in 8-0 Tennessee — good luck.

Worst of all, this injury hurts the Bears’ and Orton’s progression. Just as he seemed to grasp what it takes to be successful at the quarterback position, averaging 294.6 yards passing over the last three games — he’s out.

Orton finished late-game drives and even carried the Bears’ staple defense this season on several occasions, something Rex could never do.

The next three to four weeks will not be easy, either. A showdown with 8-0 Tennessee looms on the coming Sunday. The Titans feature an old school defense-first team, with a running game containing speed in Chris Johnson and strength LenDale White. Green Bay and a possible win in St. Louis awaits the Bears in the subsequent weeks. If Orton is out for the full four weeks, a tough game with Minnesota is next on the schedule.

Hopefully, Orton will return before the slated three or four weeks, and salvage whatever parts of the season Grossman hasn’t already destroyed.



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