About The Prince’s Position

There are many ways to celebrate 22 years of life on this wonderful planet. I cemented my special day with the birth of a blog. This blog is operated by me, DeAntae Prince. I am a current Indiana University student with entirely too much time on his hands and strong opinions with no one to tell them to. Don’t assume that I’m a loser, because it’ll hurt my feelings.

The Prince’s Position will host my opinion on everything sports. While we are in the midst of an election, I’ll keep my opinions on politics to myself because they can be rather strong sometimes. What I will try to provide is a fresh take on sports issues such as: organizational decisions, news on players and coaches, while adding commentary on games and the issues within those games.

I’m sure anyone that comes to this site, which probably will not be many, has to wonder why the old Comiskey Park sign is the backdrop for this blog. It’s simply because I’m a Chicago kid, who isn’t afraid to announce my allegiances, but it’s also because I remember when my Chicago White Sox were owned by a family and not a phone company. I don’t disagree with the U.S. Cellular name just because I use T-Mobile. Those who have seen Basesketball understand this, but I believe that teams shouldn’t be named after random companies, the Jazz shouldn’t play in Utah, where they don’t allow music and the Lakers shouldn’t play in a land of few lakes.

Yes, already my first tangent. I’m now stepping off of my soapbox and getting back to the blog. Enjoy!


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