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Stint with Jets may spell an end to Farve’s career

SPORT NFL FOOTBALLAn so the drama that is the never ending career of Bret Farve continues…

“I think the ending physical, or whatever, that every player goes through after the last game will king of maybe shed some light on some things,” Farve said. ” So we’ll see.”

Typical Farve, always leave them wanting more.

“During the course of the year, there were numerous times where I’d been asked about my shoulder and it had been hit a couple of times,” the 39-year-old QB said. “I don’t know. I mean, just knowing my body, there may be something, but there’s no test yet to reveal anything.”

That’s it Bret, reel them in.

“I’m sure if we MRI’d it enough we’d probably find something,” Farve went on to say.

Another barrage of Farve comments in which he detailed his lingering doubt has fueled further debate about the hoary quarterback. A questionable right shoulder has many wondering whether Farve will return for another with the Jets.

Once heralded by the NY media as a steal, Farve’s stay with the Jets has turned out to be less than impressive. He heard constant talk of Chad Pennnington’s success in Miami as his team faltered at this season’s end, opening the perverbial playoff window and A.F.C. East title for their conference foes, the Dolphins. A 8-3 start to the season sent a furvor of praise toward Farve and his head coach, Eric Mangini. Now there is doubt whether either of them will be in New Jersey next season.

The questions regarding Farve’s future help rehash a summer where I couldn’t escape Bret Farve. I couldn’t turn on sports talk radio or watch sportscenter without hearing every ESPN personality utter the name BRET FARVE! Who could blame them, though. The master of deception had just finished his tearful retirement speech. 

The speech ultimately led the Green Bay Packers to choose to part ways with the old gun-slinger, opting for a young, capable passer in Aaron Rodgers. Neither has had a great season, but Farve seemed to be the right choice at the mid-season mark. His team now seems destined for sandy beaches as they take on a playoff-less vacation, and we all seem destined for a summer that will run rampant with Farve speculation.

As Farve does, he made sure to leave some loose ends. “Do I see myself playing here next year,” Farve asked, searching within himself. “I didn’t see myself playing here this time last year. There’s some things that obviously the team probably needs to think about as far as next year’s concerned and some things I need to think about and some things we need to discuss amongst ourselves.”

The further Farve got into his press conference, the more he began to sound as if he was giving a concession speech.

“It’s been a great career,” he said. “This year was a gamble, you could say, a risk, whatever you want to call it. I can honestly say I’m thankful I was given the opportunity here. It’s been a lot of fun. It been good and bad as far as our seasn has gone, but I’m glad I came here.

“I made the right decision.”

Hopefully you’ll make the right decision at the end of this year, Farve. Sail off into the sunset the way you should have last season. Don’t stay around too long, don’t become a struggling shell of yourself, causing fans to forget the energy and enthusiasim you once played with. Do yourself–and us– a favor and concede as a pro-bowl quarterback with his reputation still intact.


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