Yankees continue to rack up players, payroll

losangelesangelsanaheimvnewyorkyankees9-eythsu7dvlAnother of the most coveted free agents has landed in the Bronx.

Mark Teixeira, formerly of the Los Angeles Angels, has signed a 8-year, $180 million contract to play first base for the Yankees. This is the third blockbuster deal of the Yankees offseason. Only a week ago, they signed C.C. Sabathia and A.J. Burnett to big-time contract, paying them $161 million and $82.5 million, respectively.

The Yankees weren’t initally a player in the Teixiera sweepstakes, deciding to play it cool before swooping in to fufill Teixeira wish of being signed before Chrsitmas morning.

Teixiera has career numbers of 303 hr, 676 RBIs and and 442 walks, with a .541 slugging and .290 hitting averages. The big-time hitter had a killer 2008 season in helping lead the Angels to the AL semifinals with 33 hr, 121 RBIs and .302 batting average to match a .552 slugging average.

Many have complained about the money the Yankees are spending, but a clearing of 88.5 million dollars allowed the Yankees to make their recent moves. But an unloading of  $23.4 on Jason Giambi, $16 million on Bobby Abreu and a $11 million on Mike Mussina and Carl Pavano allowed New York to makes its big moves, recently.


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