Karl calls Iverson out

georgekarl800I shared my opinon on the Iverson-Billups trade a couple of weeks ago, and Denver Nuggets head coach, George Karl, and I seem to share similar thoughts on Allen Iverson’s brief stay in Denver.

Karl recently broadcasts his feelings on Allen Iverson’s brief stay in Denver, proclaiming that his team now has “less bad plays, more solid plays,” he said. “I think the wasteful, cheap possessions that we used to have 10 to 15 a game, they don’t exist very much anymore.”

On a team with a bonified scorer in Carmelo Anthony, Iverson was simply another superstar, calling for 20-30 shots a night. But Chauncey Billups has proved to be more of a floor general, easing the demand for shots and delivering the ball to trailing big men and cutting teammates, which is something Karl says Iverson had a tough time doing.

“A.I., at times, had trouble trusting the guy he’s throwing it to,” Karl said.

It was that very notion that Karl took issue with, the fact that Iverson looked for his own shot on most occasions and was opposed to passing to lesser players.

“I don’t think there’s any question coaching a team for many minutes, without a passing and point guard mentality, is frustrating for a coach. Sometimes I saw something, but I couldn’t get it done on the court because I didn’t have a playmaker out there.”


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